Fixed Wing M&R Surveys

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These surveys are typically flown with our customized, robust, low-flying and safe Air Tractor magnetic gradiometer systems for maximum efficiency, endurance and top of the range ultra-high resolution geophysical data.

Because spatial resolution and signal to noise ratios improve dramatically when flying height is reduced, low-level data provides significantly more detailed information for kimberlite detection, base and precious metal exploration, litho-structural and geo-hydrological mapping, and mine planning or sterilization mapping.

The survey height is generally only limited by the height of the vegetation and the presence of man-made features such as power lines, buildings and antennae.

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We believe that it is better to fly regional surveys with top quality high-resolution sensors at a relatively low flying height in order to get the best possible quality profile data that can easily be upward continued or filtered to produce smooth regional grids, while allowing subsequent higher-resolution fill-in work between flown lines at the lower altitude to save costs. In addition to the specialized field of high-resolution magnetics, radiometrics and EM, Xcalibur uses the twin turbine Islander aircraft to provide regional gravity, magnetic and radiometric surveys.

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Large-spacing tie-line  surveys  have  also  been  flown  with  multiple  base  stations  and  ultra-long continuous  lines  to  tie  in  different  historical  and  industry  airborne  survey  data  sets,  such  that flown for the Botswana government over the whole of Botswana on a 10 km grid.

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Applied correctly to oil and gas exploration, the main benefits of airborne magnetics are:

  • To image intra-sedimentary structure in map view to complement (2D) seismic data.
  • Reveals previously unrecognised faults and enables more confident mapping of known trends (basement and sedimentary).
  • Provides overlap from regional to prospect scale geological processes;
  • Very useful where seismic data quality is degraded due to eg. shallow volcanic rocks or salt;
  • Integrated interpretation is a cost effective and a valuable risk reduction tool;
  • Inexpensive and fast acquisition rate and processing turnaround.

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