A basic off-time time-domain electromagnetic (EM) system has been developed on the robust, efficient and safe Air Tractor platform. The development program is ongoing and early test surveys are now being flown.

The aim is to produce basic off-time high-resolution TEM data with sufficient power and a broad enough EM bandwidth to yield reasonable depths of penetration for effective mapping of the conductivity structure of the top couple of hundred meters in most environments. This penetration is of course inherently variable and dependent on the conductivity of the earth layers. Penetration reduces significantly in more conductive terrain.

The fixed-wing slingram configuration comprises a large four-turn nose-to-wing-tip-to-tail transmitter loop delivering 40,000 Amp.m2 NIA moment and a towed bird 30m behind and 10m below the aircraft housing damped dB/dt coil sensors. Bird motion is monitored in-flight using video tracking.

In-house processing produces the basic range of geophysical data sets as Geosoft databases and grids for both Z- and X-components. B-field and other advanced processing and interpretation products are being developed and will be available in due course.

Wing-tip magnetometer sensors, similar to the Xcalibur aeromagnetic systems, GPS, altimeter and in-flight videos are standard auxiliary components. Optional limited-size radiometric crystals can also be mounted in the aircraft belly pod.